10 Ways to Make 2019 Your Best Year

10 Ways to Make 2019 Your Best Year

There is something special that comes with every new year.  The desire to make the new year better than the last.  Changes are welcomed and new ideas are formed.  In the spirit of new beginnings and starting with a clean slate, below are 10 Ways to Make 2019 Your Best Year!

  1.  De-Clutter – You probably did this earlier this year, but after the holidays there are definitely more things that need to be out of your house and or life to welcome a new year.

Action – Allocate clutter into categories (ie, keep, trash, donate)

Outcome – Create an organized home and less stress in knowing where everything is.

2.  Plan a Cleaning Schedule – Cleaning may not be your favorite pastime, but you might love the result of having a clean living space.

Action – Create a weekly cleaning task list that fits into your family’s schedule.

Outcome – A clean home where everyone has contributed in some way and hopefully the incentive to keep it clean.

3.  Start Small and Set Realistic Goals – Setting realistic goals will improve your chances of success.  Small things lead to big things.

Action – Choose three tasks that you will start to do daily.  One may be simple as making the bed.

Outcome – A more organized lifestyle that can be expanded on.  Once you have mastered those three task, add three more.

4.  Take Advantage of Your Calendar and Use it for Everything – You can use a paper calendar or one of your smart devices.  Adding reminders, tasks, vacations, and other events to your calendar will help you remember things.

Action – Choose whether you prefer paper or electronic planners and start noting your daily to-do’s.  Remember to add the reminders.

Outcome – The reminders will prompt you to stay on top of your daily tasks.

5.  Create Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Routines – Creating routines will make it easier to accomplish your tasks in no time.  Making your bed every morning, doing your laundry or paying your bills immediately after receiving them will make your life stress-free.

Action – Start creating routines based on what you do already.  Then build on those to include things that you want to be doing.

Outcome – When life gets overwhelming or stressful you can refer to the routines you created and stay on top of things.

6.  Create New Storage Solutions – Have labeled plastic containers for the kitchen or a box for all the bills that need to be paid on a scheduled day of each week.

Action – Take a look at what containers you currently own that can be used instead of buying new ones.  Permanent makers can be used to label the containers if you don’t have a label maker machine or stickers.

Outcome – Using what you have will be cheaper, but if need be purchase the items you need to help you stay organized.  It will save you money long term by avoiding paying late fees for overlooked bills.

7.  Filing System – If you are just staring to organize some of your documents at home, create an effective filling system that suits you and you can follow the whole year.  If you already have an effective filing system continue using it.

Action – Start with that pile, drawer, or area that stresses you out the most.  You should either file, shred, or throw out the papers.

Outcome – Your home will be visually less cluttered and your mind will be less anxious.

8.  Packed Lunch, Organized Dinners – Packed lunches are not just for kids.  There are thousands of recipes posted on different websites.  You will have a whole new love of taking lunch work.  It can also save you money!  You can also lesson the stress of dinner decisions if you plan out a week in advance.  Not only will this save you money, but the pre-planning will save you time overall.

Action – Prepare for a few days or a week and buy the ingredients to get started.

Outcome – Calmer days and less stress eating.

9.  Track Your Progress – Mark each day that you have made successful strides towards keeping some of your goals.  When you see the chain of success, you will be motivated to keep going until all your goals are achieved.

Action – Do something right now so that you can mark your calendar.  There’s no time like the present!

Outcome – Tracking your progress will motivate you to do more.

10.  Celebrate Your Success – Don’t deprive yourself of something nice whenever you reach a goal.  It can be a nice dinner, a movie or just something you enjoy.

Action – Make a list of things you will reward yourself with once you achieve your first week’s goals.

Outcome – You will work harder to ensure you “deserve” that reward you have set for yourself.

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